Digital Marketing Consultants

Digital Marketing Consultants | Digital Marketing

MRA Business Solutions digital marketing consultants can work with you to easily understand, develop and implement digital marketing strategies. Your digital marketing consultant will use a well-rounded approach to provide you with the best digital marketing services. Our only goal is to make your business successful.

SEO Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Digital Marketing refers to the use of search engine optimization (SEO) to direct potential customers to your website. SEO is the term used to describe the techniques to increase your search engine results ranking. We change the content of your webpages to help rank higher on Google so that more potential customers can find you. Click for our full range of our SEO consultancy services.


Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to any and all of the digital content created to market your products and services on the internet.  Examples of content marketing include your webpages, blog posts, social media posts, social media advertisements, ebooks, infographics and videos.


Social Media Marketing and Social Media Selling

Social Media Marketing is closely related to Social Media Selling.  Both incorporate every element of inbound marketing. The principles of inbound marketing are attract, engage and delight. We use both to help your business engage with potential customers to make existing customers

Using the right social media is as important as producing the right social media posts. Our digital marketing consultants will help determine the best platforms to focus on.


Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

Google Adwords, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ad Campaigns are all examples of PPC ads.  You pay for these types of advertisements only once one of your ads is clicked. Google ads are the text ads that appear at the top and bottom of the Google search engine results pages.  The generic term for this type of advertisement is search ads.

Your marketing consultant will help you design and produce your PPC campaign in accordance with your marketing plan.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation minimises the time factor while maximising your resources.  Marketing automation can include email newsletters, performing social media posts, conducting lead nurturing workflows and tracking your marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation can also help you create transactional emails. Transactional emails are individual emails that assist your customer in their communication with your business.  These automated emails can save you time and money and improve customer communication.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing refers to the use of manual or automated email to engage with your potential and existing customers.  Email marketing campaigns include building email lists for your blog subscribers, follow-up emails, welcome customers and send promotional emails.

We use a call to action on your website to obtain your potential customer’s email address.  We also include an explicit acceptance of marketing emails to build successful digital marketing strategies. This is called opt-in email marketing. Everything we do will be in complete compliance with the General Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR).

Your existing customers are one of your greatest assets and greatest source of additional revenue. By maintaining direct contact with them, you can leverage the goodwill they already have with you to drive more sales.  Moreover, the communication you have with your customers can lead to excellent customer reviews.


Online PR

Online PR is short for online public relations. Online PR announces how excellent your business is to the world.  If your customer has had a good experience with your company, you want them to tell everyone about it.  According to a Nielsen report, “74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.”


Inbound Marketing

An inbound marketing strategy focuses on the principles of attract, engage and delight.  Inbound marketing uses specific marketing tools and techniques to generate leads for your business.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is 21st century product placement, product mentions, celebrity marketing and celebrity endorsements.  Our digital marketers will reach out to influencers to determine opportunities on your behalf.


Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing includes marketing in newspapers and magazines, flyers and brochures, TV and radio advertisements, exhibitions, billboards and networking. At MRA Business Solutions, we merge traditional and digital marketing to make the most efficient use of your resources.  We find and leverage sources of display for captured audiences.  Depending on your target market, your marketing consultant will recommend different venues to promote your advertising.