Business Coach and Business Consultancy

Business Coach and Business Consultancy

A business coach will help you focus your efforts on achieving your goals. Business coaching is a process that helps identify specific and achievable goals, assists in developing strategies and tactics to work toward those goals and guidance on how to establish and maintain boundaries to keep a work-life balance.

Your success is MRA Business Solutions only goal. As a business owner, we understand that your business is an extension of your personal life.  We customise bespoke business solutions tailored to your needs.  We provide the type of small business consulting services that you need for the specific stage of your business.

Our online business consulting services are designed to save you time and money.  Our online consultants can help you from down the street, across the country or around the world. We will always be available for a sit down face-to-face consultation or easy video conference.

Do you need a business consultant, someone who can advise you on every aspect of your business?

Do you need a business mentor, someone who is experienced in business and can guide you through the obstacles?

Do you need a business coach, someone who can help you clarify your vision and help take your business to the next level?

MRA Business Solutions can work with you to solve your business problems.


Business Planning

Are you missing anything in your business plan?  Have you covered all your bases?  Are you aware of all the pitfalls?  Have you made contingency plans for all of them?

Our business plan consultant can work with you every step of the way.  We can even provide a business plan writer who will put your ideas to paper. Your business plan consultant will stay with you throughout your business life to help develop your business plan over time.


Business Strategy

Is your business strategy sound?  Do you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve?  Is it expressed in a way that everyone can understand it?

Our business consultants can help you lay out your vision and strategies to reach your goals.  We can also identify problems that are holding you back from moving forward.


Business Finance

Do you have all of your finances in order?  Do you have your cash flow forecasts?  Do you have all of the funding available to you?  Do you have the best funding available?

MRA Business Solutions can help with your financial plan, your financial forecasts and cash flow modelling reports.  We can identify different sources of funding and how to apply for it.


Business Marketing

Do you have a marketing plan?  Is your marketing plan based on SEO, search engine optimisation?  Is your marketing plan based on digital marketing?  Does your marketing plan incorporate social media?  Have you positioned your limited resources in the best place to achieve the highest results?

Our digital marketing consultants will conduct market research to develop the best marketing strategies utilising your resources.


Business Development

Is your business running efficiently?  Do you have all your resources deployed in the best way?  Are you wasting resources? Are you losing profit because of misplaced resources? Are you utilising project management to fully develop the different or new aspects of your business?

MRA Business Solutions can conduct a comprehensive business analysis and business health check to determine you are utilising your resources in the best possible configuration.


Business Growth

Has your business stopped growing?  Are your sales shrinking? Are you ready for new growth?

Has your business recently seen a surge in sales?  Are you struggling to keep up with the new success?

Our business growth consultant will work with you to establish your next level of success goals.  We will then work with you to build achievable steps and strategies to reach them. We will analyse and review your current logistics to identify and fix slower processes.


Business Continuity

Is your business ready for any and all threats facing it? Is your business ready for the next disaster?

Our business continuity consultant reviews and analyses your business for potential threats and threat exposure.  Business continuity management makes specific recommendations to your practices, procedures and insurance to protect your business. We can perform disaster recovery planning with you to ensure a quick recovery to your business. We can help you develop business continuity plans to help you get through the tough times.  We can assist you through crisis management.


Business Insurance

Is your business protected?  Do you know what types of insurance are available? Do you know which types of insurance you need to protect you and your family?  Have you performed a financial analysis to determine exactly how much coverage you need?

Our business consultants will engage in risks management to determine the most appropriate coverage for you and your business to achieve your goals.


Business Succession

Do you have a succession plan? Do you know who you want to succeed you? Do you have a detailed training plan for every aspect of your business?

Our business consultants can help develop your training plan to foster your potential successors without overwhelming them or spending too much time or resources on the wrong aspects.


Business Exit Strategy

Are you ready to retire? Are you wanting to move on? Sell your business? Do you need to liquidate your business?

We can help develop an exit strategy or a winding up plan that ensures a smooth transition.  We can identify buyer platforms and potential buyers.  We can make specific recommendations on how to move forward and how to move through to the next stage of your life.