Why getting to know your customer is essential

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Getting customers is crucial for any business. However, it’s especially true for start-ups. Achieving consistent sales and maintaining profit can be the difference between a new business surviving the first few years and failing. Building a loyal customer base from nothing can be challenging and the marketing options overwhelming. That’s why getting to know your customer is essential to a successful enterprise.


Finding your customers

We have all had that experience of trying to talk to a friend in a club, but there’s so much noise they can’t hear you. Or trying to find a family member on a crowded beach, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Finding your customers can be just like that, all your competitors are shouting for attention just as loud, if not louder than you. In addition, your product or service won’t be beneficial or relevant to everyone. Giving precious time and attention to those who will never buy from you means you may miss those who will.

This is why it’s essential to know your customer. Who are they, where do they hang out – both in real life and online, what do they look like?


Build customer personas

Start by building customer personas. This is so that you are clear who you are talking to and where you are likely to find them.

Take time to imagine who your ideal client will be. Are they young, old, do they have a high disposable income or are they people looking for support in life?

Fully flesh them out as if they were actual individuals so that when you meet that person in real life, you will immediately recognise them as your ideal customer. You can build several personas to get a clear idea of the benefits you offer as a company.


Effective marketing plan

A scattergun approach of marketing about everything to everyone, changing tack for each person is not only tiring it doesn’t often work.

Knowing who you are aiming for will help you to build an effective marketing plan that is specific to your potential clients and makes the best use of your resources.

Enabling you to create content that will appeal to your target audience. Alongside, knowing precisely how to get in front of them straight away in the places where they spend time. Whether that be on Facebook or at the local community centre. It helps you to create a business ethos and message that resonates with their values, increasing the chance they will buy from you.


Save money

You can easily waste money on marketing that achieves little or no return. By having a clear understanding of your target demographic, you can be specific about what action you take. Weeding out the potential of trying to sell to the wrong audience and increasing the ROI (Return of Investment) on your marketing efforts.


Look after your clients

Once you have found your clients, engage with them. Understand what they need from you as a brand and help build the loyalty they want to give you.

Value their feedback and take action where necessary. Have robust processes in place to not only supply any demand in a timely and efficient manner but to also deal with any issues that arise.

Customers that feel taken care of will return time and time again. Referring to friends, family and even strangers any company that provides value in their life.

If you are passionate about your business and what it offers, then match that passion in the way you deal with any potential client. Every person you deal with is a reflection of your company out there in the world. They are walking, talking advertisements.

Knowing your customer and delivering the service they expect will help to grow your business and achieve success over the years to come. Creating a bright financial future for your enterprise.


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