Why curiosity should be your number one skill

Who is your ideal customer written in black ink in a notepad

The greatest detriment to your business right now is the questions you’re not currently asking your clients. Cultivating a curious appetite is what is going to differentiate you from your competitors and increase your client base without needing to do any additional marketing. This is why curiosity should be your number one skill.


Curious to know more?

Those finance professionals out there who aren’t curious and just want to skip right to the selling products part tend to believe that people are people, we’re all the same. They are just wasting time listening to their client chatter on about their new grandchild or their daughter’s wedding.

They are wrong!

People are unique. We all have a story that would surprise others, that no-one could predict of us – how many times do you get to tell that story?

If you exercise your curiosity, you will discover that every person has an experience that is individual to them. Where they were born, the childhood they had, the people they married, the losses they have endured, the amazing feats they have achieved – no two people are the same.


Becoming part of their story

Why should a client let you into their life, advise them on what to do and become part of their story if you are not willing to spend the time listening to their experiences of where they have been, how they got to this point in their life and what their dreams are for the future?

And even if they did, what value would you really be adding? How could you be providing the best financial planning or advice if you don’t have a complete picture?

If you don’t know that they have a long-lost sibling and their life’s wish is to find that person and feel whole again, how could you help them arrange their resources to make that dream a possibility and their life worthwhile? No amount of money in the bank will make up for missing out on that opportunity.

By not being curious you are failing your client. Yes, it takes time to really get to know someone, their hopes, their fears, their concerns. But if you are not willing to be interested in their story, you do not deserve to deal with their money or have input into their life.


A beacon of light

If you are one of the curious ones in financial services, you will stand out. Clients will see that you are different, that you genuinely care about them and their family. They will refer people to you without ever having to be asked to do so.

There are two things that are important in life – living a meaningful story and telling the story that’s been lived out.

Ask your clients about their story. Be curious.


Create a business of real value

If you would like support in revolutionising your business to provide a life centred approach that allows your clients to experience real value, then we can help. Contact us today and become a planner that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


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