Tips on how your business can be eco-friendly and save money

Business Man holding an iPad with a Green Earth and Solar Panels

As a small business, you may not have the funds to buy new eco-friendly vans for your fleet or introduce other green initiatives that will need significant capital investment. However, there are ways you can help the environment with zero or little outlay and save your company money too.


1. Fix those water leaks

Is your business doing all it can to conserve water? Do you have a dripping tap in the staff kitchen that hasn’t got fixed yet? Doing a quick maintenance check of your premises’ plumbing will highlight any areas that need addressing. By fixing small leaks and dealing with any wear and tear, you could be saving yourself money on your bill in the longer term and not wasting precious water.


2. Go paperless

Are you still printing invoices and posting them out to clients or storing all your files in paper format? Take some time to review your processes and identify where you could make the switch to a paperless system.

Save money on paper, printing, stationery and posting by investing in invoicing software or a virtual filing system. Reducing your costs and saving trees at the same time.

If you do still have a need to print documentation, then review whether you could source eco-friendly, recyclable paper to reduce your environmental impact.


3. Buy second-hand office furniture

Rather than kit out the office with brand new furniture, take some time to see if you can source what you need as a pre-loved item.

Use the internet to locate second-hand furniture outlets, items being sold in online auctions or even local charities that offer used office furniture that is in good condition.


4. Switch it off

Encourage your employees to switch off their computers before they go home at night to save on energy consumption and reduce your bills.

In addition, if you don’t need to light your business premises outside of work hours, then make sure all the lights are switched off at the end of the day.


5. Allow remote working

Introducing remote working for some employees could reduce the amount of office space you require, lowering your company’s expenditure over time and reducing your use of resources overall.


6. Change to a green energy supplier

There are several companies that offer renewable sources of energy for businesses, such as EcotricityBulb and Good Energy. You might even make a saving when switching provider.


7. Recycle IT equipment

When replacing IT hardware, consider how to recycle kit that has reached the end of its days. You may even find that the new provider will recycle it on your behalf and possibly also give you credit towards the purchase of new equipment.


How to measure your carbon footprint

You can measure your company’s carbon footprint on the Carbon Trust’s website here. You will need to have the following figures to hand:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Top-ups made to air conditioning units


These are just some ways that you can start to become eco-friendlier in your business and save money. However, we would love to hear what other things you are implementing. Get in touch and let us know what you’re doing to reduce your environmental impact.


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