The Great Conundrum?

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Have you have paid tax this year? If your answer is yes, then simply, this is for you…

How many of these concepts do you know and truly understand?

  • ISA’s
  • Pensions
  • VCT’s
  • EIS’s
  • SEIS’s
  • SIPP’s
  • SSAS’s
  • Relevant Policy Plans

Ok so for the ones you know, why not explain them to a colleague, your partner or a friend?

How did you get on?

Did they have any questions?

Did you know the answers?

Many years ago anything other than money in the bank was thought of as being for the select few.

However the landscape has really changed and there is so much more available.

It’s not just for the select few.  It’s possibly for you too.

How many more years of potential savings, tax efficiency and tax reliefs could you miss out on?

Nowadays a large percentage of the UK population has sought alternatives to banks or building societies in one form or another.

These are usually in investments that we now consider main stream such as Stocks and Shares ISA’s, Unit Trusts and Pensions.

Are you missing out on the potential for other areas of tax efficiency? After allit’s not just all about ISA’s…

With potential Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax Savings to be made, along with the potential for certain tax reliefs available, such as tax efficient growth and tax free dividends to be taken advantage of, there are so many potential benefits for so many of us.

Many other solutions have been available to us all for many years, but they are only just beginning to become thought of as main stream.

Are you one of the people who view them as still for the select few just because you simply don’t know enough about all of your options?
Or do you want to know more?

Why don’t you find out about your options rather than exclude yourself from joining the revolution?

  • When will you take action?
  • How could I understand more about my options and what potential benefits are available to me you ask?

That’s the easy part, talk to a Financial Adviser today to find out more.