Stop wasting time in your business with these tips

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Are you working flat out? So busy the day just flies by? Well, I bet you’re still wasting time! We all waste time unknowingly, and our day just keeps getting busier. So get back some of those precious hours with our top tips.


Organise your inbox

Don’t let your inbox get so large that once you miss a message, you may never find it again!

Organise your emails and utilise folders to keep conversations about a specific topic together.

Label your emails with clear actions, such as ‘follow up’ – you can even add colours, so the labels stand out.

Delete or archive emails you no longer need, or you were just copied into but are not actually involved in.

Consider moving tasks and general project talk out of your inbox altogether by using a tool such as Asana, Trello or


Create an FAQ

If you spend much of your day answering or explaining the same information over and over for your customers, then you may need an FAQ on your website.

Create a depository so potential clients can access the information they need and limit how much you need to be involved.


Auto book appointments

Use a service such as Calendly or Acuity to allow your clients to auto book appointments. No more endless conversations about availability. Meetings booked in just a few minutes.


Don’t over complicate things

Online task managers can be amazing, but they can also suck your time. Don’t over complicate your processes. Are you better off just using a pen and paper and manually writing your to-do list?

Don’t email backwards and forwards if a quick phone call would suffice.

It can be so tempting to over complicate things and use technology just because it’s there. Sometimes the quickest and simplest solution is the old fashioned one.


Prioritise and focus

Multi-tasking is a myth! Trying to do lots of tasks all at the same time will actually take you longer to complete than just focusing on them one at a time.

Prioritise what activities you need to do first and then concentrate on just one, either until it’s completed, or a set amount of time has passed. Then move onto the next task on your list.


Turn off notifications

Similar to the tip above, all those constant interruptions can hurt your productivity. Silence your phone, and turn off your email notifications.

Set aside a specific time to look at your inbox or check your messages, but don’t do it constantly throughout the day.


More haste, less speed

Rushing at 100 miles per hour can lead to missing crucial information, spotting errors, or providing incorrect links.

Slow down just a little and finish each task properly before rushing off to the next thing. It’s a false economy to take short cuts as you will just have to fix any issues later, taking up more time than it would have been to do the task right in the first place.


Email templates and automation

Create templates for common email answers that you need to provide. Consider using email automation and funnels to communicate with clients without your input at every stage.

For example, automatically sending invoices and reminders, or if a customer downloads x and y, they get sent z.

There are a million tiny ways we all waste time every day. Take control and start looking at where you can make small adjustments today to make your day feel calmer.


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