Self-care tips for busy entrepreneurs

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As a business owner, you probably find yourself rushing from one thing to the next and self-care may not be top of your list. However easy it is to put your needs last, ultimately if you’re not in peak condition then your business will suffer. Here are our top self-care tips for busy entrepreneurs.

Create ‘me time’ in your day

Business can be high speed so to help you cope with life in the fast lane allocate time in your diary each day that is just for you. Whether it’s taking 10 minutes to quiet your mind and check in with your situation, taking a 20-minute walk at lunch, lingering over your morning coffee or watch trashy tv, schedule it in.


Move your body

Don’t forget to look after yourself physically. If your work means that you are sedentary for most of the day, then it’s even more important to find time to move your body. It doesn’t have to be sweating it out in a gym unless that’s your thing, find an activity you enjoy that will get you up and moving.


Say No

Are your days an endless barrage of ‘Can I just ask you….’, or ‘Could I get your opinion on…’? It can be hard to say no to people but if you say yes to everything you will soon become overwhelmed and potentially prevented from achieving any meaningful progress on your goals.

Start saying no to things that don’t need your input, are not aligned with your goals, are irrelevant to the task at hand, are someone else’s role or where your expertise will not add value.

Value your time and guard it as your most precious asset.


Make sleep a priority

There are times where burning the midnight oil is a necessity; however, it should not become routine. Your body requires sleep to rest physically and mentally. Without enough rest you will find it harder to make well thought out decisions, you will be more prone to making rash choices, and your ability to function effectively will diminish. Prioritise sleep to keep ahead in your business.


Ask for help and delegate

You are only human and recognising that allows opportunities to present themselves that could improve your efficiency. Ask for help when needed, whether that’s support from fellow entrepreneurs or assistance from a colleague. You cannot be everything to everyone, and you will burn-out trying.

If you have a larger team in your business that can take some of the workload, then let them and delegate. Don’t take on tasks that are not in your wheelhouse. If needed, outsource to professional services that can do those tasks more competently and quicker than you, for example, an accountant to help with your bookkeeping.


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