How to keep your business safe this Christmas

CCTV camera

The Christmas holidays can provide an opportunity for criminals, especially if your premises are empty. Businesses often have more stock or cash in the till than usual during this time, proving tempting to some. Don’t get caught out this year, and have the festivities ruined by theft or damage of stock and equipment. Here are our tips for keeping your business safe this Christmas.


Don’t forget the basics

The festive season can mean that we have lots of things running through our minds, and it can be easy to overlook the security basics. Ensure when you lock up at night all the doors and windows are locked, emergency exits secure, CCTV is on, and the alarm is set.


Get equipment serviced

If you have fire alarms, CCTV or a burglar alarm system, get it serviced and checked. Ensure that all smoke detectors have working batteries if needed and watch back footage of recent CCTV recordings to verify that it’s clear, picking things up and that nothing is obstructing the view.


Lock away valuables

Lock away any valuables that can be easily picked up. At the very least move them to somewhere out of sight from people outside the building – such as behind a desk.

Valuable items that are clearly on display can be tempting to a criminal, and if you can lift it without issue, they can too.

If you have blinds or shutters, utilise them during the Christmas season when the premises are closed.


Check access rights

Who has access to the building usually and if you are closing over the festive period, will they need to get into the premises?

If no-one needs to come into the premises over Christmas and New Year, then consider limiting the access to a core team of individuals to mitigate any possibility of being targeted from the inside.


Have a disaster recovery plan

Ensure you have procedures in place for what happens if an emergency or theft occurs and that all staff know what they are.

If your premises are closed over the Christmas holidays, then consider setting your alarms so that the fire brigade or police will be called if there’s an issue.

Make sure everyone has a copy of emergency telephone numbers and who is on call.


Let neighbours know of your operating hours

Let your business neighbours know when you will and won’t be open this festive season. That way, they can keep an eye out for any unusual activity.


Vary times for cash deposits

So that your routine cannot be predicted by a criminal, vary the time of day that you take cash to the bank or have cash in transit collections.


Utilise lighting

Consider implementing a timer for your lights, so that it gives the impression people are on the premises or your property is regularly checked, deterring any criminals.


Be safe when locking up

Be clear about who is locking up when and never lock up alone. Have clear processes written down and ensure key holders are kept to a minimum.


Back up data

Back up all your data so that if a crisis does occur, whether that be theft or flooding, you can still get to all your systems, client records, website etc. and continue to operate in some capacity.


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