5 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workday

woman thinking mindfully at her desk

Mindfulness can be a fantastic tool that allows you to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, instead of being overwhelmed by them and it can be particularly useful in the workplace. According to the Mental Health Foundation there is growing evidence that mindfulness in the workplace can have a number of positive effects. Including a decrease in perceived stress, and an increase in better concentration levels including memory tasks and multi-tasking. Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workday.


1. Be consciously present

Make a decision at the start of the day to be consciously present in all that you do and give things your full attention.

If you’re creating a presentation at work, give it your full focus. Don’t worry if you do get a little distracted by your colleague’s chatting or people doing the tea round. Just acknowledge your thoughts, recognise you were momentarily distracted and then return to your task.

To help, mute all notifications, such as email and your phone until you are finished with the task.


2. Set a reminder

It can be easy to go about your day on auto-pilot, and not be fully aware and present in your actions. To remind you to take a moment to be mindful, set a reminder. This could be as simple as a notification on your mobile, set it to vibrate so as not to disturb others.

When the alarm goes off, use the prompt to take a few minutes to stop, breath and take in your surroundings. Giving yourself space to come back to the present and see your situation with a fresh mindset.


3. Accept stress

Observe any strong emotions that you are feeling rather than trying to suppress them. Notice the fact that you are stressed and try to pinpoint the cause to identify mitigating action that you could take to reduce the impact on you.


4. Practice gratitude

Actively look for opportunities to be appreciative and always express your thanks. As you become more present in your day through mindfulness, you will also notice an abundance of opportunities to practice gratitude.


5. Accept what you can’t change

Accepting that you can’t change what has happened can be incredibly liberating. Focus on the present and what you can do at that moment.


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