MRA Business Solutions

MRA Business Solutions provide a range of solutions to meet your business needs to develop or deliver complex programmes or projects. We can do this for all three phases of business consultancy:

  • Conceptual phase - Our consultants apply their experience in both advising and running businesses to work with entrepreneurs, developers and investors to identify opportunities and evaluate alternative options and potential outcomes.  This enables us to make informed decisions and increase likelihood of your new venture becoming a success.
  • Procurement Phase - Whether acting as promoter, sponsor or investor, we engage with you to give commercial, financial and technical advice, helping you to ensure a smooth and positive outcome to enhance business value.
  • Enhancement Phase - If your business is already in operation, we can supply recommendations for business change programmes, to improve and finetune your business performance.

MRA Business Solutions have many years of experience both advising on, and running successful small and medium enterprises (SME's).  Whichever phase your business needs fall into, we have a solution for you.

Our services include:

  • Business Financial Solutions
  • Business Research, Development and Strategy
  • Change, Event and Project Management
  • Branding Architecture and Positioning
  • Market and Strategy Consultation
  • Marketing Online and Traditional
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Creative and Web Design
  • Animation and Video Media
  • Integrated Social Media Marketing
  • Name Development and Market Positioning
  • Regulatory Insight and Resonant Design Execution
  • Trademark Risk Awareness

A wide range of clients have benefited from our experience, with MRA Business Solutions’s consultants having a positive impact on their business, whether it be a conceptual idea or a well established organisation.